All students at Saint Christopher Academy wear uniforms. Saint Christopher Academy believes that school uniforms create an environment of respect and dignity and offer a wide variety of benefits for both students and parents, including:


  1. School uniforms help students focus on learning, rather than on what they are wearing.
  2. School uniforms nourish a sense of equality so students can stand out because of their character and not their clothes. 
  3. School uniforms promote a feeling of community among students who are proud to be part of a team working toward success in the classroom. 
  4. School uniforms make it easier to get ready for school and students start their day on a more positive note.
  5. School uniforms encourage modesty and cleanliness and prepare students for wearing appropriate clothing once they enter the workforce.
  6. School uniforms are more affordable in the long run, especially as uniform pieces are passed down from child to child within a family or within the community. 

Uniform Policies

Please click see the uniform policies published in our Student Handbook. Of special note:

  • Polo shirts for both boys and girls can only be worn from the start of school until November 1 and again from April 1 through the end of the school year. Shorts may also be worn during this time.
  • Oxford shirts for both boys and girls must be worn between November 1 and March 31.
  • Students wear their gym uniform on their designated gym day. They are not expected to change.
  • Students may wear the 1/2 zip sweatshirt in school. No other sweatshirts or sweaters may be worn during the school day.
  • Girls must wear knee socks with their skort or shorts.
Formal Uniform Days
Our "Formal" uniform is worn for special occasions, including Mass and special programs. On Formal Uniform days, the following is required:
  • Boys must wear their oxford shirt, even if it is during the polo "season." A tie of the student's choosing must also be worn.
  • Girls must wear their oxford shirt, even if it is during the polo "season." Girls may choose to wear either a skort or pants.

Purchasing Uniforms

Saint Christopher Academy uniforms are purchased at Red Brick Clothing in Hudson, NH. Families may visit Red Brick for a fitting by booking an appointment HERE or may purchase uniforms online through our Academy store HERE. Red Brick is the only authorized retailer for our Academy uniforms.